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What Makes Snyder One Of The Best HVAC Companies To Work For

Posted by Ed Miller on Fri, Feb 20, 2015

A career in HVAC maintenance can be lucrative, but only under the right direction. The heating and air conditioning industry is dynamic, and HVAC businesses must respond to constant changes in technology and business practices. Snyder Heating & Air provides quality training, benefits, and employee networking to ensure success in the world of HVAC. We have the expertise, ingenuity, and flexibility to offer you a satisfying, long-lasting career.

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3 Ways To Naturally Reduce Humidity in Your Home

Posted by Ed Miller on Wed, Feb 11, 2015

As reported by the EPA, excess humidity often leads to mold or mildew in the home. Mold and mildew, in turn, can cause serious damage to drywall, carpets, ceilings and more, not to mention causing allergies and other illnesses. The first step is to identify where the extra humidity is coming from and then to take steps towards reducing or eliminating excess moisture altogether.

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What To Do With Your Old HVAC Unit

Posted by Ed Miller on Mon, Feb 09, 2015

It is important that we all be mindful of how our behavior may impact the lives of others. We collectively are learning new ways of improving how we do things that everyone previously took for granted. Making the effort to donate old furniture, clothing and other items to thrifts stores may take more time than just putting it in the trash. However, it is worth doing to reduce wasting usable items and to benefit the lives of other people by providing them an option to purchase a needed item they may not otherwise be able to afford. There are also several options for proper recycling and responsible disposal of your old HVAC unit when you have replaced it with a new, more energy-efficient model.

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What You Should Check Before You Make A Service Call

Posted by Ed Miller on Tue, Jan 20, 2015

Having a knowledgeable heating and air conditioning service provider to help you out when you have problems with your HVAC unit is important as a homeowner. After all, your heat and air keep you comfortable throughout the year.

However, that doesn’t mean you need to reach for the phone every single time something goes wrong with your heating and air conditioning system or something just generally seems amiss with your HVAC unit. In some cases, you may be able to fix the problem yourself without having to pay a technician to come to your home and do it for you.

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Get Your Home Ready For The Selling Season

Posted by Ed Miller on Thu, Jan 15, 2015

Most home buyers want a spotless residence, plus zero maintenance issues. To get the best price for your house during selling season, you’ll need to give buyers what they want. Besides the obvious house cleaning issues, this means making sure that all of your home’s appliances and mechanical systems are in tip-top shape. Your home’s heating and air conditioning system is definitely at the top of that list. If you have concerns about your HVAC maintenance issues, the technicians at Snyder Heating and Air Conditioning are ready to help. Here are some other ways to get your home and HVAC system ready to sell:

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Finding the Right Air Conditioner For Your Home

Posted by Ed Miller on Sun, Jan 04, 2015

Deciding on a new air conditioning system is a huge decision, and will play a big part in cooling your home in the summer, as well as in the cost of your home energy. Being the big investment that it is, there are several things to consider when it comes to central air units. Before making your purchase, observe and familiarize yourself with the following qualities, and understand what is true and false about your central air unit.

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Back in Business: Keeping Your Energy Costs Down in 2015

Posted by Ed Miller on Mon, Dec 29, 2014

The recent recession had everyone looking for ways to save money and reduce energy consumption. As the economy settles into a new normal and begins to slowly improve, prudent business owners continue to monitor their expenses and strive for low energy costs. Now is a great time to be doing just that. Technology and decades of research are now making it possible to operate your business more efficiently than ever before. While you reevaluate your business plan for the new economy, also reevaluate your energy usage for the new year and beyond.

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How To Stay Safe and Warm This Winter Using Indoor Heating Devices

Posted by Ed Miller on Thu, Dec 18, 2014

It’s that time of year again. The weather is changing and the temperature is dropping with the upcoming winter months. Staying warm – and safe – during the winter months is easily obtainable and practicing indoor heating device safety is the best way to keep you and your family protected all winter long while staying cozy at the same time.

To learn more about services and procedures that can help with weatherizing your home, click HERE .

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Be Cautious of These 3 Furnace Smells

Posted by Ed Miller on Wed, Dec 03, 2014

Your furnace is a part of your home that you likely don’t consider too frequently when it’s warm outside. However, when old man winter comes around, your furnace becomes the most valuable appliance in your home since it can save you from being cold. In many places, not having a properly working furnace can actually be dangerous if the temperatures drop below a certain point.

One of the most obvious signs that your furnace isn’t working properly after a long summer is that it’s producing strange electrical smells. Odd electrical smells can indicate a variety of problems, some more serious than others. But if you’re like the average homeowner, you likely can’t diagnose them on your own.

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Things To Do in Jacksonville This Winter

Posted by Ed Miller on Sun, Nov 30, 2014

The Jacksonville area is blessed with spectacular weather during the winter months and there are lots of great activities our families can enjoy.

Yes, You Canvas!

Look up Yes, You Canvas! for a wonderful art experience. Saturday morning classes throughout the winter months feature many great holiday themes. In November and December, paintings include reindeers, gingerbread men and Christmas trees. There is a modest fee for supplies. 

Jacksonville Zoo

The holiday season is in full swing at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, where Megellanic penguins populate Tuxedo Coast. The exhibit is in the zoo’s Play Park, where the kids can enjoy a splash ground and playground.

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