Take these 3 Things into Consideration when Remodeling Your Home

Take these 3 Things into Consideration when Remodeling Your Home

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Tax season is upon us and if you’re like a lot of homeowners, you’re waiting for that check to arrive in the mail or in your bank account, so you can make some much needed repairs on your home. While a leaky roof or damaged floor might take priority over some other repair and maintenance tasks, you shouldn’t forget about your HVAC system when you’re planning home renovations.

Use this guide to learn more about the best ways you can use your tax refund money to upgrade your HVAC system during a home remodel.

Extend Your HVAC System to New Rooms and Areas

Adding a bedroom or extra space to your existing home is a great way to get more functional space for your family. But can your existing HVAC system extend to the far reaches of this new section?

Extending your HVAC system is a smart idea to help you properly heat and cool your entire space. Check your with your HVAC contractor to see if your current model will be able to handle your square footage. If not, upgrading to a more powerful unit could be the best option for your home. In most cases, a more powerful unit will help heat and cool every part of your home faster and more efficiently as well.

Consider Adding a Zoning System

If you’re close to the right size requirement but not quite there with your current HVAC unit, adding a zoning system may be helpful. Using a relatively simple mechanical system, you’ll be able to heat and cool different parts of your home separately.

Adding a zoning system can also help you keep your bills down. After all, you may not need to heat or cool certain portions of your home at all on moderate days or on days when you don’t even go into those rooms!

Go for a Mini-Split System for Renovations

You’ve added a whole new part to your home, giving you the space you’ve always wanted. While extending your existing HVAC system is an option, some homeowners may prefer simply installing a mini-split heat pump to handle heating and cooling tasks in this new area, which are great for additions or retrofits.

One big benefit of these systems is that you’ll be able to control them independently, so you won’t have to worry about heating or cooling a space you don’t use every day. For example, a home office or workshop may not need heating or cooling around the clock if you only use it a few days each week. With a mini-split system, you’ll have self-contained heating and cooling for that area only.

Ready to take on a home remodel with your tax refund check? Use these tips to make your HVAC system perform better in your home whether you’re simply looking to upgrade or you’ve added a whole new room or section onto your home.

Contact the professionals at Snyder Heating & Air Conditioning when considering a remodel. Our knowledgeable experts can help you make the right choice for your home.

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