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5 Hacks to Save Big on Energy Bills this Summer

Posted by Ed Miller on Tue, Jun 25, 2019

Summer means cookouts, vacations and lots of time outdoors. For your home, however, it means something different. Keeping your home cool can cause a spike in summer month energy bills. There are a number of ways you can increase your energy savings without suffering through the long hot summer.

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Check Air Duct Cleaning Off Your To-Do List

Posted by Ed Miller on Thu, Jun 06, 2019

With school out and vacations on the horizon, summer is a great time to tackle housekeeping jobs you’ve been meaning to get to. You may have scheduled your annual air conditioning tune-up, which is great, but if you haven’t had your ductwork cleaned recently, you are missing an important step to keep the air quality in your home at its best. This also prevents your AC from running at its optimal efficiency. Here are the top reasons you should add AC duct cleaning to your to-do list.

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If Your AC Is Running Constantly, It’s Time for an Inspection

Posted by Ed Miller on Fri, May 31, 2019

With summer being the hottest time of the year, your home’s air conditioner will be running more often throughout the day. But if your air conditioner is running constantly, it’s a good idea to have it inspected as soon as possible. Why? Because a unit that runs constantly could:

  • Quickly run up your electric bill
  • Be more prone to an expensive breakdown from wear and tear
  • Not be effectively cooling your home and making it uncomfortable . 
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Tags: Summer, Save Money, Save energy, Florida Summer, Jacksonville HVAC, Clean Filters, HVAC tips

Small Changes that Will Put Money Back in Your Pocket

Posted by Ed Miller on Fri, May 24, 2019

If your home’s utility bills send shivers down your spine, especially during Jacksonville’s hot summer months, it is time to make some changes. One potential solution is to upgrade to high-efficiency heating and air conditioning equipment. But what if buying a new system is not in the budget this year? You can make no-cost or low-cost small changes around your home that, when combined, will make a big impact on your utility bills and put money back in your pocket throughout the year.

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Tags: Save Money, Save energy, Pay Less, Summer Savings, Florida Summer, Jacksonville HVAC, HVAC tips

Top 6 Reasons for Airflow Problems and How to Fix Them

Posted by Ed Miller on Mon, Apr 29, 2019

Your home’s HVAC system relies on proper airflow to work at its optimal efficiency. When there is a problem with the airflow, your system will usually give you some noticeable warnings. You might find that you have hot and cold spots throughout your home. The vents in your home might provide very little or no airflow at all. The imbalance from an airflow problem may cause strange noises or stale air.

If this is unsettling, you will be happy to hear that most airflow problems can easily be fixed. However, if you let the problem linger too long, it can cause extra wear and tear on your system. And this could lead to component failures, including the breakdown of your air conditioner’s compressors. Here are six reasons why airflow problems occur and how you can resolve them.

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Best Ways to Minimize Springtime Allergies

Posted by Ed Miller on Fri, Apr 19, 2019

The arrival of spring also brings with it a variety of seasonal allergy symptoms for many people in the Jacksonville area. Spring allergies can be exacerbated by the additional rain and high humidity that Florida is well-known for during the warmer months. While you cannot really control what goes on outside with pollen and other allergens, you can take control to minimize your exposure to allergens lurking in your home, and here’s how!

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Tags: Green Energy, HVAC Threats, Clean Filters, HVAC tips

Spring Cleaning: Get Rid of the Musty Odor in Your Home

Posted by Ed Miller on Fri, Mar 29, 2019

Now that spring is here, you have probably begun spring cleaning chores around your home to get it ready for the hot summer months ahead. However, if in the process you notice a musty odor throughout your home that just won’t go away no matter how much cleaning or airing out you do, this is a problem that must be addressed. What could be the cause of the odor and what can you do about it?

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Take these 3 Things into Consideration when Remodeling Your Home

Posted by Ed Miller on Thu, Mar 28, 2019

Tax season is upon us and if you’re like a lot of homeowners, you’re waiting for that check to arrive in the mail or in your bank account, so you can make some much needed repairs on your home. While a leaky roof or damaged floor might take priority over some other repair and maintenance tasks, you shouldn’t forget about your HVAC system when you’re planning home renovations.

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Tags: cooling system, heating system, AC Unit, HVAC, zoning system

Why You Can't Buy HVAC Equipment Online

Posted by Ed Miller on Thu, Feb 28, 2019

Online shopping has become a mainstay of modern life. For many, the convenience of searching for necessities, gifts, and luxury items from the comfort of their couch or home office provides them more time with family and less time driving to various shops. Those who live in rural areas may also find that shopping online offers them a greater selection and price range that local stores may not give them.


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A How-To Guide for Heating and Air Conditioning with Pets

Posted by Ed Miller on Tue, Feb 26, 2019

If you are like most people, you consider your pets a part of your family. And we know that keeping all members of your family comfortable, even the furry ones, is a high priority. After all, their comfort plays a big part in their health and well-being.

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